Our service

We employ our best effort toward full commitment to our customers through providing after-sales service, telephone counseling on how to use the devices during and after the warranty period, and managing defective devices by our technicians.The following is the common inquiries regarding ATA products which are available for quick reference.


Is there a warmer with DPAP machine? Yes

Is it possible to use drugs within DPAP machine? Not at all.

Is there an Auto mode in DPAP machine? No.

Is there a humidifier with DPAP machine? Yes, there are water container and adjustable degree of humidity

How does an Oxygen Concentrator produce oxygen? Using Zeolith gas.

How long can we use Oxygen Concentrators continuously? 4000 hours.

How often should we change the filters of Oxygen Concentrators? It should be replaced every 6 months in humid locations and every 1 year in non- humid locations.

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